Things I've worked on:

ANB Systems

Software Engineering Intern, Summer '20
Houston, TX
ANB Systems

Software Engineering Intern, May '20 - Aug '20

Worked on improving and building document recognition services using OCR, search patterns, and image extraction algorithms.

Also helped design and prototype a Data Lake to house unstructured data streams, and control + retrain ML models as data flows in.

Tech stack: Python, Flask, AWS platforms, inhouse + external services

Duke Impact Investing Group

Project Manager, Data
Durham, NC

Data Project Manager, May '20 - Present

Managing data driven consulting projects for DIIG's clients, aimed at improving their capability to create social impact in hand with meeting bottom lines.

Projects revolve around customer segmentation, dataset curation, web-scraping, scoring/similarity metrics, and report generation.

Worked with clients like:, Edstruments, & The Produce Box

Evidence for Policy Design
Harvard Kennedy School

Software Development Intern, Summer '19
New Delhi, IN
Evidence for Policy Design

Software Development Intern, May '19 - Aug '19

Worked on the tech framework for the Paydash project, a large scale RCT to measure the impact of a mobile app in reducing payment delays and information friction in the Indian govt's MGNREGA social security scheme.

Helped build user management workflows and analyze social networks data collected from on ground surveys using fuzzy string matching.


Software Engineering Intern, Summer '21
Remote, CA

Software Engineering Intern, Incoming

In the works.