Hi! My name is Aneesh Gupta.|

I study Computer Science @ Duke University.

I 💗 writing code, learning math and philosophy, reading history, and spicy food.

At Duke I also TA CS courses like Interdisciplinary Computing, and play with computer vision and medical + satellite imagery.

During summer '20, I interned at ANB Systems, where I built document recognition algorithms and data management pipelines. Before that, I built things for PayDash at EPoD. I'll be interning at Facebook next summer! Read more about my work here.

  • Reading 📚: Capital, by R. Dasgupta Brave New World City of Djinns
  • Watching 📺: Shameless Naruto: Shippuden Money Heist The Witcher
  • Learning 😎: Monte Carlo Sampling Convex Geometry/Voting Dynamical Systems