Hi! My name is Aneesh Gupta.|

I study Computer Science @ Duke University.

I 💗 writing code, learning math and philosophy, reading history, and spicy food.

At Duke I also TA CS courses like Interdisciplinary Computing, Databases, CS101, and play with computer vision and medical + satellite imagery.

During summers away from school, I've worked at Facebook (on networks infra and delivery systems), at ANB Systems (on document recognition algorithms and data management pipelines), and at EPoD (where I built things for PayDash)! Read more about my work here.

I'll be joining the Perception team at Nuro in Spring '22, after graduation!

  • Reading 📚: Capital, by R. Dasgupta Brave New World City of Djinns
  • Watching 📺: Shameless Naruto: Shippuden Money Heist The Witcher
  • Learning 😎: Monte Carlo Sampling Convex Geometry/Voting Dynamical Systems